We have PokeStop. What about him?

In some countries, Pokemon GO was officially launched very shortly and someone already launched a worldwide database designed for entrepreneurs who want to attract customers and make a profit from this game. It is very clear that the world (we can already speak of global impact), Niantic Labs, creators of Pokemon GO will not be able to manage themselves all marketing and advertising needs of users, or all business growth opportunities through play.


Marketing agencies with vision, openness towards innovative technologies and multi-channel approach to social marketing campaigns, companies can bring winning solutions to integrate this frenzied hunters in business strategies. Because not enough to buy some bait in the game, hoping to attract to your store Pokemon, Pokemon that can attract, in turn, users crazy about shopping.


Not enough even to buy those much coveted gym Sponsored Links. Things are much more nuanced and some internal documents “leaked” on the internet that have circulated between Niantic and McDonald’s, talk about issues which still have not been found the ideal solution: If the gym sites located in McDonald’s sites can not be accessed because of bad wifi signal in those restaurants, or cases in which players enter, handle tables, scans inside but still not rushing to order a burger or a pie.
Here comes the role of local marketers, those who know so well the audience, that will know how to provide emotional and material rewards to those who will be the expected response, with associated ROI. GO Pokemon is just beginning. Or is it only the beginning. Through it stands at digital world, people are meeting with virtual characters in real places, watching screens in mobile devices but not causing sedentary urge to walk, outdoor exercise, socialization.

Absolutely, and that “Go” game title induces the idea of mobility, but is simultaneously a shock call-to-action Standing players.

Pokemon GO is the sign most telling as online site not only takes place online as offline site is prepared for digital experiences that provokes physical reality and that in this ecosystem newly created businesses will have their place, pokemarketingul will take place him, and candy, eggs Pokemon and pokemon most rare and coveted they could become a valuable bargaining chips in people’s relationship with brands.
In the pokemon go pokecoins hack you get various items that may also differ from level to level. We will show you which items are known to date:
– Pokéballs: most common type are Poké Balls, with which you can catch especially wild Pokemons. Rarely there is also the Superball for unusual Pokemon, the Hyper Ball for rare Pokemon and perfect ball for any Pokemons.
– Potions: The potion you will not get as often as the Pokeball. Especially at level 5 you can expect herewith. Rarely you will also find the Super Potion or the Hyper Potion, filling more each Powerpoints your Pokemons.
– Eggs: In Pokestop see also repeatedly eggs, which you can then hatch the egg incubator..


Pokemon Go uses a lot of battery

As you can play Pokemon Go, you need to have mobile data connection and GPS connection. Besides the game itself consuma you much battery, you add GPS and mobile data, and together they consume more battery power. If you are thinking about buying a phone that has the larger battery or take more, we managed to do a top of economical phones.

Nowadays smartphones, mini – PCs are used widely in every field and by anyone. We speak of phones budget or high – end, all make our lives easier and more beautiful full multitude of applications and features offeres. But all have a big problem that torments us all: the battery.Rarely exceed 24 hours of operation without being connected to a charger, and this gives all users much hassle. Next I will present five best phones in the market in Romania currently enjoying phones while and some of the best autonomy.


In addition to innovate design and intuitive attributed to this smartphone, the LG thought it would not hurt a 3.000 mAh battery and providing autonomy and 48 hours under avarage use. In addition, after updating the Android, it seems that this autonomy have added another 2 -3 hours dues to savings made on the consumption of the processor and display. Another advantage of this handset is also the retail price.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

From the outset everyone appreciated this smartphone battery. This 3200 mAh battery with software calibrated very good experience promises a minimum of 48 hours without too much effort for energy savings. Galaxy Note 3 also offers some of the best features of existing hardware on the market today, being among the few phones in Romania with 3GB RAM. Although many consider this phone a phablet, personal choice is to include it in smartphones in the first because of its shape very ergonomic, but also because of the rising diagonal smartphones top that get loose from 5 – 5.2 inches.

Allview X1 Soul Mini

Slightly out of the top smartphones and move towards those with less hardware, but with more powerful battery. 3rd in this ranking is device X1 Soul Mini of Braşov from Allview. Although it has the same battery as the LG G2, X1 Soul Mini consuming fewer energy resources for various reasons: display with lower resolution (HD vs FulHD), weaker processor, fewer installed applications etc. In these circumstances, this smartphone on average usage allows to use at least 2 days without emotions that run out of battery.

Philips Xenium W8510

2nd and maybe one of the top smartphones surprise is the Philips Xenium W8510. This smartphone with a 3,300 mAh battery and a sufficient hardware promises over 48 hours of battery life without major compromises. In addition to other phones presented so far, Philips Xenium W8510 is a dual-sim. This device is recommended for those with no great pretensions, but who want to use as little charger supplied.

Lenovo P780

Ladies and gentlemen! 1st place in the top phones with the best existing batteries at the end of April 2014 is certainly Lenovo P780. The only phone with 4,000 mAh battery that offers autonomy even for 3 days at average use. There are phones that come with 4,000 mAh extended battery (see the GOCLEVER Insignia 5X), but they are not standard batteries available on the phone. Besides this huge battery, Lenovo P780 offers a hardware enough to play 99% of the applications currently available in Google Play: quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 5-inch HD display, etc. In addition, as Philips Xenium W8510 is a dual-sim.