How to choose a smartphone

We all crave them, the best mobile phones of producers already famous, Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, HTC, from old Nokia, which sold its brand Lumia to Microsoft and to Chinese producers who offering smartphones very goof to excellent prices, like Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo. Regardless of the brand, each producer has each a top model, a flagship at that crave all users, who can demonstrate what its engineers.


Top phones are not just for those who will have access first to the latest technology, but also for those who use them to their maximum capacity for a smartphone of today is a true mobile office, being extremely useful those who work while traveling.  Let’s get to the most important criteria which have to be careful when we choose a top mobile phone.

– processor: this is the heart of the phone, so look for a model as quickly because in time, as you install new software updates anc applications, the phone will move harder.

– the amount of RAM: top 2016 models come with 4GB RAM, and 3GB RAM are enough to keep in memory seevral applications open at once.

– Internal storage size and possibilities to enlarge it: if you make a lot of photos and listen much music, then i think you will get 16GB of internal memory, so look for a model with 32 GB minimum. As a bonus would be ideal to be able to extend the storage capacity with microSD cards, so keep in mind that models were announced that supports cards up to 200 GB, i say enough for most users.

– size, type and screen resolution: the large size of the screen makes it easier to read text, viewing pictures and video, but has the disadvantage greater size of the phone, so here choose depending on personal preferences. Search still a minimum screen resolution Full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels), but if you can grab a QHD display (1440 x 2560) did no say no. 4K is too much and kinda useless at the same time beacause you can not see pixels on a screen almost no Full HD screen, but the battery will suffer most from the increased number of pixels.

– battery capacity: any smartphone brand have uploaded daily, but make sure you will not have to recharge it during the day. A minimum 300 mAh battery is desirable, but there are models with larger batteries, so if you value autonomy go on the principle the bigger the better.

– camera: this feature is becoming increasingly important, given that mobile phones have replaced about compact cameras. No valve impressive numbers of megapixels, but look at the physical size of the senzor and the individual pixels, as small aperture lens, in order to achieve good pictures in low light conditions. An important feature of the camera is the optical stabilization function to take still image, unless you plan to use your phone on a tripod.

In applications store, you will find plenty of beneficial applications for your phone. One of the best solutions is to install an application from design category, such as a personalized wave keyboard.