Many year-to-year sports games suffer from the stigma of being just a simple change in alignments, a bit of lighting, new shading, new songs and a change in menus. This time, Madden NFL 17 moves away from this bringing many more changes than we might expect.
As a good sports game, and which is already in its third installment on new generation consoles, it still has aspects in it improving and this time, in addition to some adjustments in the defense (which was the part with the most changes in The last delivery) offers some adjustments and mechanics in the offensive game, specifically at the time of the pass.

The aerial game has become increasingly important in this game in real life, so EA Tiburon has decided to transmit this to the virtual version. Players will now have more control in each aspect of the passes, allowing you to catch the ball as you want and not wait for the computer to decide which is the best option.

Whether you want to have an “aggressive catch” if you are very close to a defensive, or the “run to catch” option if you want to maximize the number of yards. The system is not complicated, but on the other hand, the defense is level to make a stronger confrontation.

Along with this, defenders can choose to focus on the ball or receiver. Choosing the ball gives an optimal option to try to make an interception or avoid at least the pass. When choosing the receiver, the defensive player will try to stop him by making the tacley be guaranteed. These new mechanics, both offensive and defensive, offer a lot of risk when executed, but doing them correctly will bring great benefits, although in an online match, those who do not know about these changes will be greatly affected, so there is still a balance.

At the moment of playing everything looks spectacular, just as we are accustomed to past deliveries. The texture of the shirts, the scan of the faces of the players, and their movements look really excellent. If there is something that continues to stand out in the Madden series is how well detailed are the stadiums. Although this is not perfect, since the system of collision that the players have continues to have one or another detail at the time of the blows, especially at the end of the plays where some characters seem like robots off.

The Madden NFL 17 Cheats presentation looks amazing and is as exaggerated as you might expect from a football game. However, a lot of these displays that appear on the playing field with your team’s statistics, presentations and video are reused from last year. If you missed the previous year’s edition, it will surely catch your eye, but for fans who buy the year after year the game will be something that will not surprise them.
Within the game we will have several game modes, such as the well-known fast games, online games, training and franchises, the latter which comes with the addition of dynamic goals that players will have to choose and finish for more experience and confidence, Adding a little more life to the mood.

Also comes a new mode which manages to combine part of the fantasy football and the Ultimate Team mode that Electronic Arts games have been characterized: Draft Champions. Throughout 15 rounds, you will have the option to choose a player in a different position. After the draft ends, you can play against the computer or take your team to an online tournament. With this mode it is possible to have a mode like the Ultimate Team but that does not need so much level of commitment.

Madden NFL changes the way you play the title offensively delivering a risk versus reward aspect that adds realism to the game. You can throw and catch the ball as you want and it feels incredible. In addition to that, the new Draft Champions mode adds a fun new way to play.

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