Today we will talk about news from the world of celebrity. This information relates to public life they have the stars. We’ll start with actress Jane Seymour, well known for his role in the TV series Dr. Quinn, he had a sensational appearance at Monaco, where he attended the 56th Carlo Television Festival. The famous actress has attracted all eyes on the red carpet, where she appeared in a red dress, molded and stilettos.


Despite extensive reached the venerable age of 65, Jane does not show at all age and looks downright fabulous. Time seems not at all put their mark on her body, being in an enviable physical shape.

The star of “Doctor Quinn,” which was in the 70s and one of the Bond girls, playing in 1973 in Live and Let Die, shows the same body as the young, giving the impression that it has only half of his years. The actress said in the past that particular physical form that is due to hours in the gym and that plays tennis, golf and swimming. God, I’m in better shape now than we were in some ways when I was a Bond girl, said Jane Seymour for Closer Weekly, three years ago.

A source close to Jolie-Pitt couple has revealed to the newspaper said that two actors no longer understand at all and barely speak. “Brad and Angelina are on the brink of divorce. Have reached a point where barely speak and only when it comes to children, “she said.

“Lately, quarrels between them were huge. None of them does not believe that can or will be together. Jolie barely eat, drink wine every night and smokes constant. Brad is exhausted, was fed daily to consume so much energy to take care of it to be better. It’s hard to see how the woman he loves is destroyed one “, said another source for Hollywood Life.

Jolie apparently complains constantly that Brad is cheating. She believes that Marion Cotillard actress, with whom he is filming the movie in London Allied, makes eyes at her husband and accuses him he had sex with her.

Furthermore, neither Aniston’s marriage is not one happier. Just a year after the wedding, Jennifer and Justin are already talking about divorce. They have weeks where neither seen.

American journalists argue that it’s not a coincidence that both Brad and Jennifer have decided to divorce while, but that between the two would be about a reconciliation. And that, after the actor would be sent a letter emotional Jennifer, after which the two became close while.

There are many news related to these celebrities. A new method is announced in Hollywood Celebrity Phone Number whereby each post their phone number to talk with fans. They even made a website called to talk with fans about privacy in particular. These journalists are reluctant celebrity or because tired of being tracked.

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