Pokemon sun rom – Player of Wachmann shot

According to the security firm’s lawyer, JianSheng Chen approached a private property in a blue van. The security officer had feared for his life and for this reason 5 fatal shots to the 60-year-old Chen. The bullets hit the van’s faceplate and killed Chen, who was playing pokemon sun on his mobile phone. The guard did not know that Chen was training his Pokémon in a Pokémon gym. This was on the guarded property.


According to Andrew Sacks, the security firm’s lawyer, the company owns a document proving that Chen and all other relatives are not allowed to approach the property. Greg Sandler, who represents Chen and his family, said that Chen was training his Pokémon to stay in touch with his grandchildren, who are also playing the game. You have to stay in a gym to train your Pokémon, so Chen did not leave the area. In addition, Sandler said the fatal incident was probably caused by a language barrier.


It was only recently that a fatal car accident occurred in Japan. In this, a 72-year-old woman was captured and killed by a driver. The driver also played Pokemon sun romduring his trip.

Many Pokemon sun romtrainers use additional apps or programs to facilitate Pokémon hunting. It uses scanners that tell the player where Pokémon is nearby. It worked as a real-time display of the fishing locations. At the PokéMap you could see how much time remains until a Pokémon is no longer in this place and filter which monster you want to track. By letter, the operators of PokéMap and PokeAlert were now asked to stop their services.

No more PokeAlert – Scanner ban on Pokémon GO

The PokéMap team makes sure that they have to close PokéMap. A few days ago the team of this scanner got a letter from The Pokemon Company and their partners like Niantic. In this letter, they were asked to immediately remove all copyrighted images of The Pokemon Company from PokéMap. In addition, they were deprived of the Pokemon sun romlicense, which is why they are no longer allowed to access Niantics Server.

Currently, the PokéMap team is trying to negotiate a deal with The Pokemon Company, but the chances of success are low.

Also, PokeAlert was a scanner that worked similar to PokéMap and Pokémon’s catching locations. The letter of inactivity also reaches the operators of this app, which are now forced to terminate the service. However, according to the statement on Facebook currently still works.

“PokeAlert will work until Niantic makes changes again.” The app is no longer updated, but is probably still compatible with the current Pokemon sun romversion.

Pokemon sun romis for developers Niantic and Publisher Nintendo a gold pit: The app for Android and iOS earns 38 euros per second – since release over 890 million euros. With new updates and features, Pokemon sun romseems to be anything but dead.

Even today, Pokemon sun romis still as successful as no other mobile game on the market – neither on the App Store nor on the Google Play Store. This is evident from current market research figures, which show that Pokemon sun romhas a turnover of over 890 million euros in 2017.

How old is Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most amazing apps which are being downloaded by millions of users. Snapchat is wonderful application using which you can communicate with your friends, you can share photographs that they can see for some amount of time. The way in which this application works is just amazing.



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  • This is a useful app when you want to communicate with your friends quickly. This app is developed keeping the safety and security in mind. When you are sending any photo to your friends your friend need to have the Snapchat installed in their device otherwise, they will not be able to see the photo. If anyone if taking any screenshot of your image, you will immediately receive a notification.


  • This amazing is the app is developed five years back September 2011, but with growing time you will see many changes. You just need to update the app time to You will really have amazing fun. It has many features which are liked by its users. If you always want some app which will give you the amazing experience, then you must use this amazing app, and you will love the app.


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