Es scheint, dass wir heute die Spielkategorie öffnen, speziell mit Clash Royale. Dieses Spiel ist etwas sehr gewartet eine Weile und auch abgelehnt am wenigsten Teil der mobilen Gamer, das ist, weil die Schöpfer dieses Spiels bereits ultra-bekannte Clash of Clans. Die von Supercell wurden mit Meldungen wie “Bevor du andere Spiele startet, bombardiert, musst du noch mehr Spiele bekommen”, aber das ist eine andere qurstions, lass es beiseite und zurück zum thema. Es scheint, dass wir heute die Spielkategorie mit Clash royale öffnen.

In Clash Royale sind viele Wege, die zum Sieg führen können, und oft sind diese Wege, die den Sieg oder die Niederlage bestimmen, einfach. In der Tat ist dieser Artikel darüber. Hier wollen wir neue Spieler anbieten, die sie nutzen können, um Professionalität zu erreichen. Wir alle müssen anfangen, zu einigen Experten zu kommen.
Clash Royale Tipps für Anfänger
Zuerst sollten wir mehr Aufmerksamkeit auf das Gleichgewicht legen, das auf dem Kartenspiel gespielt werden sollte. Wenn es ein Gleichgewicht zwischen Verteidigung und Offensive gibt, kannst du sicherlich jedem Feind begegnen, für dich und du kannst angreifen und verteidigen. Kein Wunder, dass die beste Verteidigung Angriff ist. Keine Notwendigkeit, die erste vereinigte nur teuer und mächtig zu nehmen, das kostet Sie mehr.

Keine Notwendigkeit, in Panik zu geraten, wenn der Turm fast verloren ist und wenn der Gegner Druck erhält, im Gegenteil, sollte es. Wenn nicht so viele Minuten bis zum Ende des Kampfes bleiben, müssen Sie nicht alle Truppen zum Angriff werfen, Sie sollten sicherstellen, dass Ihr Turm geschützt ist. Wenn du dich zuerst werfst, dann hast du eine Idee und weiß genau, welche Bands zu benutzen sind. Du musst alle möglichen Taktiken ausprobieren, sogar neue Taktiken, denn wenn du verlierst, bekommst du keine Trophäen. Wenn Sie können, vermeiden Sie Gegner, wenn Sie auf den Angriff gehen. Gehen Sie direkt zu seinem Turm. Seine Truppen werden entschlossen, deinen Turm zu verteidigen.

Clash Royale Juwelen Cheat
Zuerst, wenn Sie den Angriff auslösen, versuchen Sie, einen Riesen und verschiedene Bands zu benutzen. Gehen Sie, um den Gegner einzuschüchtern. Wiederholen Sie dies mehrmals und Sie können den ersten Zug gewinnen. Nachdem er gesehen hat, als defensive Klasse wird vielfältig und vielfältig. Für Level drei Spieler schlagen wir vor, dass sie Prince Tactis verwenden, wie sie von den meisten Spielern genannt wird. Sende Truppen, die der ganzen Armee widerstehen können, und alle seine Armee wird auf den Boden fokussiert sein. Danach senden Sie fliegende Einheiten. Mit dem Ball, nach dem der Fürst. Wiederholen Sie diese Taktik immer, können Sie Ihren Gegner leicht und schnell zu besiegen, je nachdem, wie Sie senden Boden Truppen.

Jeder kann eintreten und spielen Clash Royale. Sie brauchen keine anspruchsvolle Taktik oder höhere Kenntnisse. Du musst ein gutes Paket haben. Von dem Moment an, in dem Ihre Einheiten aktualisiert und fein abgestimmt wurden, müssen Sie testen, ob sie geeignet sind oder nicht. Gibt es kein Paket, das ewig widerstehen kann. Du brauchst eine Armee, die genau das ist, was du erreichen willst. Wenn es schnell vereinigt, die härter sowohl auf dem Boden und in der Luft angegriffen werden und zerstören den Turm können sie leicht verwenden. Wenn du aggressiv spielen willst und sofort den Einsatz bei der Zerstörung von defensiven Facheinheiten nimmst.
Wenn Sie diesen Tipps folgen, können Sie zu den Besten gehören. Denken Sie daran: einfache Dinge creaaza andere Schwierigkeiten.

Many year-to-year sports games suffer from the stigma of being just a simple change in alignments, a bit of lighting, new shading, new songs and a change in menus. This time, Madden NFL 17 moves away from this bringing many more changes than we might expect.
As a good sports game, and which is already in its third installment on new generation consoles, it still has aspects in it improving and this time, in addition to some adjustments in the defense (which was the part with the most changes in The last delivery) offers some adjustments and mechanics in the offensive game, specifically at the time of the pass.

The aerial game has become increasingly important in this game in real life, so EA Tiburon has decided to transmit this to the virtual version. Players will now have more control in each aspect of the passes, allowing you to catch the ball as you want and not wait for the computer to decide which is the best option.

Whether you want to have an “aggressive catch” if you are very close to a defensive, or the “run to catch” option if you want to maximize the number of yards. The system is not complicated, but on the other hand, the defense is level to make a stronger confrontation.

Along with this, defenders can choose to focus on the ball or receiver. Choosing the ball gives an optimal option to try to make an interception or avoid at least the pass. When choosing the receiver, the defensive player will try to stop him by making the tacley be guaranteed. These new mechanics, both offensive and defensive, offer a lot of risk when executed, but doing them correctly will bring great benefits, although in an online match, those who do not know about these changes will be greatly affected, so there is still a balance.

At the moment of playing everything looks spectacular, just as we are accustomed to past deliveries. The texture of the shirts, the scan of the faces of the players, and their movements look really excellent. If there is something that continues to stand out in the Madden series is how well detailed are the stadiums. Although this is not perfect, since the system of collision that the players have continues to have one or another detail at the time of the blows, especially at the end of the plays where some characters seem like robots off.

The Madden NFL 17 Cheats presentation looks amazing and is as exaggerated as you might expect from a football game. However, a lot of these displays that appear on the playing field with your team’s statistics, presentations and video are reused from last year. If you missed the previous year’s edition, it will surely catch your eye, but for fans who buy the year after year the game will be something that will not surprise them.
Within the game we will have several game modes, such as the well-known fast games, online games, training and franchises, the latter which comes with the addition of dynamic goals that players will have to choose and finish for more experience and confidence, Adding a little more life to the mood.

Also comes a new mode which manages to combine part of the fantasy football and the Ultimate Team mode that Electronic Arts games have been characterized: Draft Champions. Throughout 15 rounds, you will have the option to choose a player in a different position. After the draft ends, you can play against the computer or take your team to an online tournament. With this mode it is possible to have a mode like the Ultimate Team but that does not need so much level of commitment.

Madden NFL changes the way you play the title offensively delivering a risk versus reward aspect that adds realism to the game. You can throw and catch the ball as you want and it feels incredible. In addition to that, the new Draft Champions mode adds a fun new way to play.

The system – context is influenced by technical capabilities (hardware and software) used the system – screen size, accuracy location system, the transfer rate data connection, battery charge level, system available input devices. For example, if the transfer rate is low, the system can make an automatic transfer in a way that optimizes data transfer for energy saving, not a visual experience of the user, or switch the modem in a way low consumption (from 3G to 2G).

User goal – why a person uses the application at a time can be an important factor in the current context. However, this is difficult to determine, and especially in terms of mobility, the user may not want to have to manually specify the context. However, given that a user uses the same application in multiple contexts like, can describe its context manual application.

An additional solution is to record a user’s previous goals, and trying to obtain a model of them. However, all assumptions about a user’s current order must be confirmed with it.
Time – in terms of time are at least two categories to the context of time: time of day and Momen. For example, time of day can affect applications to change colors display at night (as do many GPS units for phone number tracker), or to a request for cafes in the vicinity of a user can be returned only those who have the program on application . Also, when the year can determine what information is displayed to the user.

There are roads  or winter hiking trails are closed for safety reasons. Environment – a user’s physical environment can vary greatly while using an application. Physical context may include the lighting, background noise, temperature and weather conditions. For example, depending on the lighting, the screen can be automatically configured so as to make the most favorable compromise between energy and vision. Also, depending on weather conditions can give the user the routes which avoid roads blocked due to weather or i can recommend it to equip themselves appropriately for the weather forecast.

Use history – use history can provide important clues as to which information is interesting to the user. For example, if the last two uses were asked about bike trails, and the user has not yet come back to the starting point, one can deduce that all information needs related to bicycle routes. In the same context, it can be inferred when the user pauses in the middle of a long road, and I can provide local information about the surrounding area. Orientation – which today is located compass / gyroscope / accelerometer available in many mobile devices – is helpful in matching the information displayed on the device in the field. Many location-based services and augmented reality using integrated context orientation along with other information to add layers of information over the actual elements of the image produced by the camera of your mobile device.
Social and cultural context – includes information on navigation symbols, colors normally used (for example, in Romania, blue, red and green to describe different types of roads). Also on cultural longer depend on language, character set encodings and used, data format and amounts of money, the reference currency used, measurement, grammar, and other such information.

It also includes information about the social context of user interaction with others. In the context of the popularity of social networks (hundreds of millions of users), online socialization and relationships with various others may define how the 1:18 service. For example, Google Latitude allows users to publish their current location with different levels of accuracy for different groups of contacts (such as family and close friends can watch user with maximum precision allowed by the settings of the device, while people in other categories can see just what city is the user).

According to the security firm’s lawyer, JianSheng Chen approached a private property in a blue van. The security officer had feared for his life and for this reason 5 fatal shots to the 60-year-old Chen. The bullets hit the van’s faceplate and killed Chen, who was playing pokemon sun on his mobile phone. The guard did not know that Chen was training his Pokémon in a Pokémon gym. This was on the guarded property.


According to Andrew Sacks, the security firm’s lawyer, the company owns a document proving that Chen and all other relatives are not allowed to approach the property. Greg Sandler, who represents Chen and his family, said that Chen was training his Pokémon to stay in touch with his grandchildren, who are also playing the game. You have to stay in a gym to train your Pokémon, so Chen did not leave the area. In addition, Sandler said the fatal incident was probably caused by a language barrier.


It was only recently that a fatal car accident occurred in Japan. In this, a 72-year-old woman was captured and killed by a driver. The driver also played Pokemon sun romduring his trip.

Many Pokemon sun romtrainers use additional apps or programs to facilitate Pokémon hunting. It uses scanners that tell the player where Pokémon is nearby. It worked as a real-time display of the fishing locations. At the PokéMap you could see how much time remains until a Pokémon is no longer in this place and filter which monster you want to track. By letter, the operators of PokéMap and PokeAlert were now asked to stop their services.

No more PokeAlert – Scanner ban on Pokémon GO

The PokéMap team makes sure that they have to close PokéMap. A few days ago the team of this scanner got a letter from The Pokemon Company and their partners like Niantic. In this letter, they were asked to immediately remove all copyrighted images of The Pokemon Company from PokéMap. In addition, they were deprived of the Pokemon sun romlicense, which is why they are no longer allowed to access Niantics Server.

Currently, the PokéMap team is trying to negotiate a deal with The Pokemon Company, but the chances of success are low.

Also, PokeAlert was a scanner that worked similar to PokéMap and Pokémon’s catching locations. The letter of inactivity also reaches the operators of this app, which are now forced to terminate the service. However, according to the statement on Facebook currently still works.

“PokeAlert will work until Niantic makes changes again.” The app is no longer updated, but is probably still compatible with the current Pokemon sun romversion.

Pokemon sun romis for developers Niantic and Publisher Nintendo a gold pit: The app for Android and iOS earns 38 euros per second – since release over 890 million euros. With new updates and features, Pokemon sun romseems to be anything but dead.

Even today, Pokemon sun romis still as successful as no other mobile game on the market – neither on the App Store nor on the Google Play Store. This is evident from current market research figures, which show that Pokemon sun romhas a turnover of over 890 million euros in 2017.

Snapchat is one of the most amazing apps which are being downloaded by millions of users. Snapchat is wonderful application using which you can communicate with your friends, you can share photographs that they can see for some amount of time. The way in which this application works is just amazing.



You can choose to take a picture and then you can add text to the image when you want to select that image for a particular amount of time so that the image can be available for some time. This is an amazing application which you must use if you have a smartphone. Your photo will be live for some time, and you can get maximum followers. You may want to know more about the Snapchat so you can do some research and you will get to know about the Snapchat history.



  • This is a useful app when you want to communicate with your friends quickly. This app is developed keeping the safety and security in mind. When you are sending any photo to your friends your friend need to have the Snapchat installed in their device otherwise, they will not be able to see the photo. If anyone if taking any screenshot of your image, you will immediately receive a notification.


  • This amazing is the app is developed five years back September 2011, but with growing time you will see many changes. You just need to update the app time to You will really have amazing fun. It has many features which are liked by its users. If you always want some app which will give you the amazing experience, then you must use this amazing app, and you will love the app.


  • Snapchat supports both devices iOS and Android. You just need to go to the play store and download the app on your device. So, once you download you just need to put your username and password and then you can start using this amazing app. You try to use Snapchat hack for more emoticons and other visits unlimited accounts.


  • You will see many apps are coming up daily and every app is different and has its own special features. When you start using this app, you will understand how good the app is. If you are a social person and always want to stay connected with your friends, then this is the best app for you. Several special effects and filters are there, applying which you can make your photo better than ever.


  • This app has been developed five years back, but this is always updated with new features and filters. You just need to update the app time to time. This app is always update with new filters. This app is really very popular and trendy so every individual must use this app.


  • Users will love using this app; you will be really happy to when you see your photo updates with amazing effects. Also, this app is famous for its stickers, so you must use new stickers and make your Snapchat account more meaningful.

We all crave them, the best mobile phones of producers already famous, Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, HTC, from old Nokia, which sold its brand Lumia to Microsoft and to Chinese producers who offering smartphones very goof to excellent prices, like Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo. Regardless of the brand, each producer has each a top model, a flagship at that crave all users, who can demonstrate what its engineers.


Top phones are not just for those who will have access first to the latest technology, but also for those who use them to their maximum capacity for a smartphone of today is a true mobile office, being extremely useful those who work while traveling.  Let’s get to the most important criteria which have to be careful when we choose a top mobile phone.

– processor: this is the heart of the phone, so look for a model as quickly because in time, as you install new software updates anc applications, the phone will move harder.

– the amount of RAM: top 2016 models come with 4GB RAM, and 3GB RAM are enough to keep in memory seevral applications open at once.

– Internal storage size and possibilities to enlarge it: if you make a lot of photos and listen much music, then i think you will get 16GB of internal memory, so look for a model with 32 GB minimum. As a bonus would be ideal to be able to extend the storage capacity with microSD cards, so keep in mind that models were announced that supports cards up to 200 GB, i say enough for most users.

– size, type and screen resolution: the large size of the screen makes it easier to read text, viewing pictures and video, but has the disadvantage greater size of the phone, so here choose depending on personal preferences. Search still a minimum screen resolution Full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels), but if you can grab a QHD display (1440 x 2560) did no say no. 4K is too much and kinda useless at the same time beacause you can not see pixels on a screen almost no Full HD screen, but the battery will suffer most from the increased number of pixels.

– battery capacity: any smartphone brand have uploaded daily, but make sure you will not have to recharge it during the day. A minimum 300 mAh battery is desirable, but there are models with larger batteries, so if you value autonomy go on the principle the bigger the better.

– camera: this feature is becoming increasingly important, given that mobile phones have replaced about compact cameras. No valve impressive numbers of megapixels, but look at the physical size of the senzor and the individual pixels, as small aperture lens, in order to achieve good pictures in low light conditions. An important feature of the camera is the optical stabilization function to take still image, unless you plan to use your phone on a tripod.

In applications store, you will find plenty of beneficial applications for your phone. One of the best solutions is to install an application from design category, such as a personalized wave keyboard.

In some countries, Pokemon GO was officially launched very shortly and someone already launched a worldwide database designed for entrepreneurs who want to attract customers and make a profit from this game. It is very clear that the world (we can already speak of global impact), Niantic Labs, creators of Pokemon GO will not be able to manage themselves all marketing and advertising needs of users, or all business growth opportunities through play.


Marketing agencies with vision, openness towards innovative technologies and multi-channel approach to social marketing campaigns, companies can bring winning solutions to integrate this frenzied hunters in business strategies. Because not enough to buy some bait in the game, hoping to attract to your store Pokemon, Pokemon that can attract, in turn, users crazy about shopping.


Not enough even to buy those much coveted gym Sponsored Links. Things are much more nuanced and some internal documents “leaked” on the internet that have circulated between Niantic and McDonald’s, talk about issues which still have not been found the ideal solution: If the gym sites located in McDonald’s sites can not be accessed because of bad wifi signal in those restaurants, or cases in which players enter, handle tables, scans inside but still not rushing to order a burger or a pie.
Here comes the role of local marketers, those who know so well the audience, that will know how to provide emotional and material rewards to those who will be the expected response, with associated ROI. GO Pokemon is just beginning. Or is it only the beginning. Through it stands at digital world, people are meeting with virtual characters in real places, watching screens in mobile devices but not causing sedentary urge to walk, outdoor exercise, socialization.

Absolutely, and that “Go” game title induces the idea of mobility, but is simultaneously a shock call-to-action Standing players.

Pokemon GO is the sign most telling as online site not only takes place online as offline site is prepared for digital experiences that provokes physical reality and that in this ecosystem newly created businesses will have their place, pokemarketingul will take place him, and candy, eggs Pokemon and pokemon most rare and coveted they could become a valuable bargaining chips in people’s relationship with brands.
In the pokemon go pokecoins hack you get various items that may also differ from level to level. We will show you which items are known to date:
– Pokéballs: most common type are Poké Balls, with which you can catch especially wild Pokemons. Rarely there is also the Superball for unusual Pokemon, the Hyper Ball for rare Pokemon and perfect ball for any Pokemons.
– Potions: The potion you will not get as often as the Pokeball. Especially at level 5 you can expect herewith. Rarely you will also find the Super Potion or the Hyper Potion, filling more each Powerpoints your Pokemons.
– Eggs: In Pokestop see also repeatedly eggs, which you can then hatch the egg incubator..


Pokemon Go uses a lot of battery

As you can play Pokemon Go, you need to have mobile data connection and GPS connection. Besides the game itself consuma you much battery, you add GPS and mobile data, and together they consume more battery power. If you are thinking about buying a phone that has the larger battery or take more, we managed to do a top of economical phones.

Nowadays smartphones, mini – PCs are used widely in every field and by anyone. We speak of phones budget or high – end, all make our lives easier and more beautiful full multitude of applications and features offeres. But all have a big problem that torments us all: the battery.Rarely exceed 24 hours of operation without being connected to a charger, and this gives all users much hassle. Next I will present five best phones in the market in Romania currently enjoying phones while and some of the best autonomy.


In addition to innovate design and intuitive attributed to this smartphone, the LG thought it would not hurt a 3.000 mAh battery and providing autonomy and 48 hours under avarage use. In addition, after updating the Android, it seems that this autonomy have added another 2 -3 hours dues to savings made on the consumption of the processor and display. Another advantage of this handset is also the retail price.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

From the outset everyone appreciated this smartphone battery. This 3200 mAh battery with software calibrated very good experience promises a minimum of 48 hours without too much effort for energy savings. Galaxy Note 3 also offers some of the best features of existing hardware on the market today, being among the few phones in Romania with 3GB RAM. Although many consider this phone a phablet, personal choice is to include it in smartphones in the first because of its shape very ergonomic, but also because of the rising diagonal smartphones top that get loose from 5 – 5.2 inches.

Allview X1 Soul Mini

Slightly out of the top smartphones and move towards those with less hardware, but with more powerful battery. 3rd in this ranking is device X1 Soul Mini of Braşov from Allview. Although it has the same battery as the LG G2, X1 Soul Mini consuming fewer energy resources for various reasons: display with lower resolution (HD vs FulHD), weaker processor, fewer installed applications etc. In these circumstances, this smartphone on average usage allows to use at least 2 days without emotions that run out of battery.

Philips Xenium W8510

2nd and maybe one of the top smartphones surprise is the Philips Xenium W8510. This smartphone with a 3,300 mAh battery and a sufficient hardware promises over 48 hours of battery life without major compromises. In addition to other phones presented so far, Philips Xenium W8510 is a dual-sim. This device is recommended for those with no great pretensions, but who want to use as little charger supplied.

Lenovo P780

Ladies and gentlemen! 1st place in the top phones with the best existing batteries at the end of April 2014 is certainly Lenovo P780. The only phone with 4,000 mAh battery that offers autonomy even for 3 days at average use. There are phones that come with 4,000 mAh extended battery (see the GOCLEVER Insignia 5X), but they are not standard batteries available on the phone. Besides this huge battery, Lenovo P780 offers a hardware enough to play 99% of the applications currently available in Google Play: quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 5-inch HD display, etc. In addition, as Philips Xenium W8510 is a dual-sim.

Our scream smartphone can detect earthquakes and to collect data about them in real time using the accelerometer, the tiny sensor that knows when to rotate the image displayed on the screen. Using mobile phones, scientists could access important data collected onsite in case of an earthquake. And we, the owners of smartphones, we do a good deed in the name of science.

An article published in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of American, many researchers say that the phone’s accelerometer sensitive enough to detect earthquakes of magnitude 5 or higher, when the owner of the smartphone is near the epicenter.
Because these devices are spread widely, the scientists say the future of smart appliances will be able to create a seismic network, urban authorities able to transmit data in real time.
Scientists say that the first step was made. There is already a network Quake-Catcher from Stanford, seismographic equipment that connects computers available in more volunteers. It works on the same principle. Scientists say the use of accelerometers smartphones would be even simpler and cheaper.

Not to say that it would be more convenient, because a phone is easy to carry in an area far as the example of a volcano or bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
Apps that help you detect earthquakes using your phone already exists in the Play store, so familiar to those who have Android phones. One of these is Accelerometer Monitor, but you can try Seismograph or Quake Alarm
Principle on which the accelerometer is simple. Very small chip inside the phone there is a mobile silicon structure that moves when we move the device. The chip phone knows how moving the 3-axis motion studying the structure and the amount of electrical current passing.
The app is not very cheap, costing 10 euros / month or 100 euros per year. Recommendation was that the world is not clamoring to buy it now to wait an update that they want to make it when the application will work through VoIP technology just like Viber, so you notify place.
I do not necessarily want to recommend the application, that does not work 100% of the promised parameters, but I wanted to tell you my experience with it.
It should not surprise us that scientists are trying to find new ways to detect them. In recent years, with the spread of smartphones globally, researchers have begun to turn its attention to applications.
UC Berkley University has just released an application that could detect coutremurele before they happen. MyShake uses motion sensors in your phone to analyze the signs that portend earthquakes and then combines the information received from other users.

Basically, when you install this app, you become part of a network to detect earthquakes and all you have to do is keep your phone turned on. Given that, globally, there is insufficient fixed stations to analyze soil movements, the application is more than helpful.
In the near future, you might even MyShake accurately warn if any tectonic movement will happen near you. Once you have proved that the system works properly, you could display a countdown, so you can you can tell how much time you have to reach a safe place.

Today we will talk about news from the world of celebrity. This information relates to public life they have the stars. We’ll start with actress Jane Seymour, well known for his role in the TV series Dr. Quinn, he had a sensational appearance at Monaco, where he attended the 56th Carlo Television Festival. The famous actress has attracted all eyes on the red carpet, where she appeared in a red dress, molded and stilettos.


Despite extensive reached the venerable age of 65, Jane does not show at all age and looks downright fabulous. Time seems not at all put their mark on her body, being in an enviable physical shape.

The star of “Doctor Quinn,” which was in the 70s and one of the Bond girls, playing in 1973 in Live and Let Die, shows the same body as the young, giving the impression that it has only half of his years. The actress said in the past that particular physical form that is due to hours in the gym and that plays tennis, golf and swimming. God, I’m in better shape now than we were in some ways when I was a Bond girl, said Jane Seymour for Closer Weekly, three years ago.

A source close to Jolie-Pitt couple has revealed to the newspaper said that two actors no longer understand at all and barely speak. “Brad and Angelina are on the brink of divorce. Have reached a point where barely speak and only when it comes to children, “she said.

“Lately, quarrels between them were huge. None of them does not believe that can or will be together. Jolie barely eat, drink wine every night and smokes constant. Brad is exhausted, was fed daily to consume so much energy to take care of it to be better. It’s hard to see how the woman he loves is destroyed one “, said another source for Hollywood Life.

Jolie apparently complains constantly that Brad is cheating. She believes that Marion Cotillard actress, with whom he is filming the movie in London Allied, makes eyes at her husband and accuses him he had sex with her.

Furthermore, neither Aniston’s marriage is not one happier. Just a year after the wedding, Jennifer and Justin are already talking about divorce. They have weeks where neither seen.

American journalists argue that it’s not a coincidence that both Brad and Jennifer have decided to divorce while, but that between the two would be about a reconciliation. And that, after the actor would be sent a letter emotional Jennifer, after which the two became close while.

There are many news related to these celebrities. A new method is announced in Hollywood Celebrity Phone Number whereby each post their phone number to talk with fans. They even made a website called to talk with fans about privacy in particular. These journalists are reluctant celebrity or because tired of being tracked.

The technology could predict earthquakes

Last week, in less than four days, the world has produced three earthquakes of a magnitude of 7 degrees and even higher. One of them took place in Myanmar, second in Japan and most powerful in Ecuador. In the world, there are two methods used to prevent loss of life from major earthquakes and installation of devices that warn sound at the time of the earthquake, which warn those ar greater distance from the epicentre with seconds before the quake to strike the region.  Approximately 80% of all earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire, curb demarcating the Pacific, earthquakeand there is no less than 452 volcanoes, around 75% of active volcanoes on Earth and slept. Natural events eruptions or meteorite impact can cause earthquakes, but most occur due to movements of continental plates. Earthquakes that occur in a part of the Earth can shake the other side of the planet. Researchers who have studied the earthquake in 2004 that generated tsunamis in the Indian Ocean, they found that the earthquake has weakened at least a portion of the San Andreas fault in California. 1960 earthquake in Chile generated tremors for several days over the entire surface of the Earth.


An earthquake can not be predicted at present. However, a modern invention can become the solution for saving the lives of people living in areas of high seismic risk. It uses satellites to measure electromagnetic signals that occur when the eartquake is about to occur. A small group of researches has used satellites to study the ionosphere, the upper atmosphere, which is full of electrically charged particles. They have observed changes in the level of these particles even up to 10 days before the earthquake devastating.  The changes we have seen include a lot of electromagnetics signals from the air conductivity, before changes in electromagnetic fields. Scientists can not say, but certainly causing these signals, but have some doubts. The relevant hypothesis is that when the pressure builds up and deform the crust are released small amounts of radon, which is trapped in air pockets. Radon is radioactive and may give rise to the release of some of electromagnetic signals from the ionosphere. These can be measured both on the ground and in the air, but satellites cover a much larger area.

Scientists from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory at University College London, plan a space mission to test this hypothesis. They hope to can send two satellites into orbit small bottom of the Earth that can capture these signals. If this method will fuction, earthquakes can be predicted a few hours before their production, thereby saving a lot of lives. There are, of course contesters of this idea, saying that earthquake prediction is impossible. Countries where earthquakes are indeed a problem, such as the United States or Japan, have tried over the years to develop such mechanisms for anticipating earthquakes, but failed. It takes a successful example of this because this kind of ideas to be considered.

This technology use GPS Phone Tracker, which can locate all people under the ground and they can save all.