Our scream smartphone can detect earthquakes and to collect data about them in real time using the accelerometer, the tiny sensor that knows when to rotate the image displayed on the screen. Using mobile phones, scientists could access important data collected onsite in case of an earthquake. And we, the owners of smartphones, we do a good deed in the name of science.

An article published in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of American, many researchers say that the phone’s accelerometer sensitive enough to detect earthquakes of magnitude 5 or higher, when the owner of the smartphone is near the epicenter.
Because these devices are spread widely, the scientists say the future of smart appliances will be able to create a seismic network, urban authorities able to transmit data in real time.
Scientists say that the first step was made. There is already a network Quake-Catcher from Stanford, seismographic equipment that connects computers available in more volunteers. It works on the same principle. Scientists say the use of accelerometers smartphones would be even simpler and cheaper.

Not to say that it would be more convenient, because a phone is easy to carry in an area far as the example of a volcano or bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
Apps that help you detect earthquakes using your phone already exists in the Play store, so familiar to those who have Android phones. One of these is Accelerometer Monitor, but you can try Seismograph or Quake Alarm
Principle on which the accelerometer is simple. Very small chip inside the phone there is a mobile silicon structure that moves when we move the device. The chip phone knows how moving the 3-axis motion studying the structure and the amount of electrical current passing.
The app is not very cheap, costing 10 euros / month or 100 euros per year. Recommendation was that the world is not clamoring to buy it now to wait an update that they want to make it when the application will work through VoIP technology just like Viber, so you notify place.
I do not necessarily want to recommend the application, that does not work 100% of the promised parameters, but I wanted to tell you my experience with it.
It should not surprise us that scientists are trying to find new ways to detect them. In recent years, with the spread of smartphones globally, researchers have begun to turn its attention to applications.
UC Berkley University has just released an application that could detect coutremurele before they happen. MyShake uses motion sensors in your phone to analyze the signs that portend earthquakes and then combines the information received from other users.

Basically, when you install this app, you become part of a network to detect earthquakes and all you have to do is keep your phone turned on. Given that, globally, there is insufficient fixed stations to analyze soil movements, the application is more than helpful.
In the near future, you might even MyShake accurately warn if any tectonic movement will happen near you. Once you have proved that the system works properly, you could display a countdown, so you can you can tell how much time you have to reach a safe place.

Today we will talk about news from the world of celebrity. This information relates to public life they have the stars. We’ll start with actress Jane Seymour, well known for his role in the TV series Dr. Quinn, he had a sensational appearance at Monaco, where he attended the 56th Carlo Television Festival. The famous actress has attracted all eyes on the red carpet, where she appeared in a red dress, molded and stilettos.


Despite extensive reached the venerable age of 65, Jane does not show at all age and looks downright fabulous. Time seems not at all put their mark on her body, being in an enviable physical shape.

The star of “Doctor Quinn,” which was in the 70s and one of the Bond girls, playing in 1973 in Live and Let Die, shows the same body as the young, giving the impression that it has only half of his years. The actress said in the past that particular physical form that is due to hours in the gym and that plays tennis, golf and swimming. God, I’m in better shape now than we were in some ways when I was a Bond girl, said Jane Seymour for Closer Weekly, three years ago.

A source close to Jolie-Pitt couple has revealed to the newspaper said that two actors no longer understand at all and barely speak. “Brad and Angelina are on the brink of divorce. Have reached a point where barely speak and only when it comes to children, “she said.

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Jolie apparently complains constantly that Brad is cheating. She believes that Marion Cotillard actress, with whom he is filming the movie in London Allied, makes eyes at her husband and accuses him he had sex with her.

Furthermore, neither Aniston’s marriage is not one happier. Just a year after the wedding, Jennifer and Justin are already talking about divorce. They have weeks where neither seen.

American journalists argue that it’s not a coincidence that both Brad and Jennifer have decided to divorce while, but that between the two would be about a reconciliation. And that, after the actor would be sent a letter emotional Jennifer, after which the two became close while.

There are many news related to these celebrities. A new method is announced in Hollywood Celebrity Phone Number whereby each post their phone number to talk with fans. They even made a website called http://www.celebritiesphonenumber.com/ to talk with fans about privacy in particular. These journalists are reluctant celebrity or because tired of being tracked.

The technology could predict earthquakes

Last week, in less than four days, the world has produced three earthquakes of a magnitude of 7 degrees and even higher. One of them took place in Myanmar, second in Japan and most powerful in Ecuador. In the world, there are two methods used to prevent loss of life from major earthquakes and installation of devices that warn sound at the time of the earthquake, which warn those ar greater distance from the epicentre with seconds before the quake to strike the region.  Approximately 80% of all earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire, curb demarcating the Pacific, earthquakeand there is no less than 452 volcanoes, around 75% of active volcanoes on Earth and slept. Natural events eruptions or meteorite impact can cause earthquakes, but most occur due to movements of continental plates. Earthquakes that occur in a part of the Earth can shake the other side of the planet. Researchers who have studied the earthquake in 2004 that generated tsunamis in the Indian Ocean, they found that the earthquake has weakened at least a portion of the San Andreas fault in California. 1960 earthquake in Chile generated tremors for several days over the entire surface of the Earth.


An earthquake can not be predicted at present. However, a modern invention can become the solution for saving the lives of people living in areas of high seismic risk. It uses satellites to measure electromagnetic signals that occur when the eartquake is about to occur. A small group of researches has used satellites to study the ionosphere, the upper atmosphere, which is full of electrically charged particles. They have observed changes in the level of these particles even up to 10 days before the earthquake devastating.  The changes we have seen include a lot of electromagnetics signals from the air conductivity, before changes in electromagnetic fields. Scientists can not say, but certainly causing these signals, but have some doubts. The relevant hypothesis is that when the pressure builds up and deform the crust are released small amounts of radon, which is trapped in air pockets. Radon is radioactive and may give rise to the release of some of electromagnetic signals from the ionosphere. These can be measured both on the ground and in the air, but satellites cover a much larger area.

Scientists from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory at University College London, plan a space mission to test this hypothesis. They hope to can send two satellites into orbit small bottom of the Earth that can capture these signals. If this method will fuction, earthquakes can be predicted a few hours before their production, thereby saving a lot of lives. There are, of course contesters of this idea, saying that earthquake prediction is impossible. Countries where earthquakes are indeed a problem, such as the United States or Japan, have tried over the years to develop such mechanisms for anticipating earthquakes, but failed. It takes a successful example of this because this kind of ideas to be considered.

This technology use GPS Phone Tracker, which can locate all people under the ground and they can save all.

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